Exocet D/E - Blue X Stonewash Full Serrated


Introducing the Exocet D/E Blue X Stonewash Full Serrated, a versatile and reliable everyday carry knife that combines style, functionality, and durability. This exceptional knife is designed to meet the demands of any task with its impressive features and striking aesthetics.

The Exocet D/E Blue X Stonewash Full Serrated boasts a sleek and eye-catching design. Its blue handle and stonewash finish give it a modern and rugged look, making it a standout piece in any collection. With a full serrated edge, this knife is perfect for tackling tough cutting tasks, whether it's opening packages, cutting ropes, or handling various outdoor activities.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this knife features high-quality materials to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The durable, out-the-front (OTF) blade is made from premium stainless steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention. The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable and secure grip, allowing for precise control and effortless handling.

Versatility is at the core of the Exocet D/E Blue X Stonewash Full Serrated. Its compact size makes it convenient for everyday carry, fitting easily into pockets or bags. The integrated pocket clip ensures secure and accessible storage, allowing you to have it readily available whenever needed.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a survivalist, or simply someone who values quality and style, the Exocet D/E Blue X Stonewash Full Serrated is a must-have addition to your gear. Its exceptional performance, striking appearance, and reliable functionality make it an ideal companion for any adventure or everyday task.

Upgrade your EDC collection with the Exocet D/E Blue X Stonewash Full Serrated. Experience the perfect balance of style, versatility, and durability. Order yours today and discover the difference this exceptional knife can make in your everyday life.

Did you know, the Exocet™ was featured as the official BLADE SHOW 2020 knife?






6061 T6

BLADE FINISH:                                                                                                       


3.0 oz

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