Combat Troodon - Hellhound Razor / Jade Green G-10 X Black


Introducing the Combat Troodon Hellhound Razor, a cutting-edge folding knife that combines exceptional performance with striking aesthetics. This formidable tool is designed for those who demand the best in tactical gear.

The Combat Troodon Hellhound Razor features a razor-sharp, partially serrated blade crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and precision. Its unique Hellhound Razor design adds a touch of style and sets it apart from other blades.

With its ergonomic handle constructed from Jade Green G-10, this knife offers a secure and comfortable grip, even in demanding situations. The textured surface enhances grip stability. The contrasting black accents further enhance its visual appeal.

Equipped with a reliable automatic opening mechanism, the Combat Troodon Hellhound Razor allows for quick and smooth blade deployment with a simple push of the button. This makes it an ideal choice for tactical applications, self-defense, and everyday carry.

The Combat Troodon Hellhound Razor is not only a powerful cutting tool but also a statement piece. Its eye-catching design and superior craftsmanship make it a must-have for knife enthusiasts, collectors, and those who appreciate precision-engineered tools.

Order the Combat Troodon Hellhound Razor from Crimson Tactical today and experience the power, precision, and artistry of this remarkable tactical knife.




6061 T6

5.3 oz

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