Microtech Tool Kit- Satin Stainless Steel


As top of the line American-made knives, Microtech® Knives has always set the standard in precision cutlery, and that commitment extends to every part of our knives—from our internals, handles, and blades, right down to our proprietary Microtech® screws. The quality is in the details.

Every screw used on a Microtech® knife is proprietary. A standard screwdriver or bit will not fit these exclusive screws. Over the years, we have seen the demand in requests for bits that our customers can use to perform basic maintenance on their Microtech® knives. That need is now being met.

Introducing the Microtech® Tool Kit—this set of bits features a handheld 303 Stainless Steel driver as well as 8 interchangeable bits, spanning various Microtech® knife models and years. The Tool Kit has bits for: the Ultratech® (older and newer models), UTX-85®, UTX-70® (older and newer models), Troodon®, Combat Troodon®, Dirac®, Dirac Delta®, L.U.D.T.®, and Sigil®; it also includes glass breaker bits for the Ultratech®, Combat Troodon®, and Dirac Delta®. The bits are sold only as a set and not individually.

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