Conspirator - Black Micarta Handle / Gray Stonewashed Nitro-V Blade


Conspirator Black Micarta Handle Gray Stonewashed Nitro-V Blade | Precision and Durability in a Tactical Knife

Introducing the Conspirator Black Micarta Handle Gray Stonewashed Nitro-V Blade, a high-performance tactical knife designed to exceed your expectations. With its precise craftsmanship, durable construction, and stylish design, this knife is a must-have for any tactical enthusiast or outdoor adventurer.

The Conspirator features a black Micarta handle that not only offers a sleek and sophisticated appearance but also provides excellent grip and durability. The gray stonewashed Nitro-V blade complements the handle, enhancing its visual appeal while also delivering exceptional cutting performance. Nitro-V steel ensures excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and overall blade toughness.

Equipped with a razor-sharp blade, the Conspirator is ready to handle a wide range of cutting tasks. This knife delivers precise and reliable performance every time. The ergonomic design of the handle ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for optimal control and maneuverability in any situation.

Whether you're using it for everyday carry (EDC) or tactical operations, the Conspirator's robust construction and lightweight design make it a versatile and reliable tool. Its compact size allows for easy portability, while the black Micarta handle provides a secure and comfortable grip.


Overall Length: 8.11" / 206.0mm
Width: 1.44" / 36.5mm
Overall Height(Include Clip): 0.74" / 18.8mm
Blade Length: 3.48" / 88.3mm
Closed Length: 4.63" / 117.7mm
Blade Thickness: 0.12" / 3.0mm
Handle Thickness: 0.51" / 13.0mm
Weight: 3.82oz / 108.3g

Blade Material: Nitro-V
Blade Hardness: 59-61HRC
Blade Grind: Flat
Blade Finish: Gray Stonewashed

Handle Material: Micarta
Handle Color/Finish: Black
Liner Material: Stainless Steel
Liner Color/Finish: Black

Pocket Clip: Tip-Up,L/R
Clip Material: Stainless Steel
Screws Material: Stainless Steel
Pivot Assembly: Caged Ceramic Ball Bearing
Locking Mechanism: Button Lock
The button lock is designed with a spring under the button to provide just the right amount of tension so that there is enough resistance to avoid accidental opening, while still offering the ideal amount of pressure to release the lock.

Designer: CIVIVI

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