Combat Troodon - HS Rescue Tool Cerakote Orange


Combat Troodon HS Rescue Tool Cerakote Orange | Unparalleled Rescue Capabilities in a Bold Package

Introducing the Combat Troodon HS Rescue Tool Cerakote Orange. This extraordinary rescue tool combines unrivaled functionality with a striking design, making it a crucial companion for emergency responders, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Combat Troodon HS features a Cerakote Orange finish that not only adds a vibrant touch but also provides exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. Its robust construction ensures reliability in even the most challenging situations, making it an indispensable tool for life-saving missions.

Designed with rescue capabilities in mind, the Combat Troodon HS boasts a specialized glass breaker, seatbelt cutter, and integrated oxygen wrench. Whether it's freeing trapped individuals or responding to emergencies, this tool offers the versatility needed to handle critical situations with ease.

With its automatic opening mechanism, the Combat Troodon HS allows for swift and reliable deployment, ensuring you can access its array of life-saving features at a moment's notice. The textured handle offers a secure grip, guaranteeing precise control and confidence during critical operations.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this rescue tool is built to excel under pressure. Its high-quality materials and Cerakote Orange finish enhance visibility, making it easy to locate and identify in low-light conditions or emergency scenarios.

Elevate your rescue readiness with the Combat Troodon HS Rescue Tool Cerakote Orange. Equip yourself with the best and be prepared to tackle any emergency situation.




6061 T6

BLADE MATERIAL:                                                                                                          M390

BLADE FINISH:                                                                                                                 STONEWASH

5.35 oz

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